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Media Editorial Team

Media Editorial Team
Our editorial team works with FarmFolk CityFolk’s Michael Marrapese (Communications & Technology) to develop themes for our seasonal FarmFolk CityFolk magazine, solicit, research and write articles and ensure they are completed and received on time. The team is also responsible for developing ongoing content and ideas for future editions.

Minimum commitment: 1 year. (Note: we produce 4 magazines per year.)

Other Short-term volunteer opportunities:

The famous envelope stuffing routine! Help us get our magazine and membership support materials out to our members.

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Food Becomes a Political Priority

Food Becomes a Political Priority

In an article by Jessica Leeder, published in the Globe and Mail on Monday Apr. 11, 2011 10:06PM EDT, the author noted that “Each of the country’s federal parties have included strategies in their electoral platforms that, to varying degrees, highlight food as a distinct priority separate from agriculture.”

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Good for You, Good for Our Earth

FarmFolk CityFolk is proud to present
Good for You, Good for Our Earth

Exclusively on Shaw TV Vancouver

This health and wellness show features BC food producers and manufacturers who embrace environmental sustainable business practices

Each segment will take you behind the scenes to show you exactly where your dollar goes when buying local food, and how our local food manufacturers are leading the way in reducing the effect food production has on the environment. The show's host and well-known Vancouver dietitian Lori Petryk, will provide viewers with valuable nutrition information to help them make healthy choices for themselves and their families.

Each segment will feature a different Vancouver Lower Mainland farmer / food producer and manufacturer who produce healthy food products while embracing environmentally sustainable business practices.

Tune into The Express, SHAW TV (channel 4 Vancouver) airing Wednesdays @ 3pm, 6pm, and 10pm starting Wednesday July 20th.

If you happen to miss any segment, or if it does not air in your area, you can also head to the website to view all segments after each has aired at


Feast of Fields

Okanagan, Metro Vancouver, Vancouver Island

The most delicious way to support our work ... come to one of our annual fundraising events! Feast of Fields: experience the harvest, gourmet style. If you've never been to one of our Feast of Fields or you come every year, they just keep getting better and better. More information about our Feast and information about ticket sales can be found on our Feast of Fields website.


Fire And Light

September 1, 2011

Fire and Light premieres Home Grown Video

A great video of our the Home Grown Exhibition. The exhibition was joint project of the Museum of Vancouver and FarmFolk CityFolk which ran from August 2010 to Jan 2011.