Past Projects


Vancouver Food Policy Organization

Located in the FarmFolk CityFolk office, the Vancouver Food Policy Organization was organized by Jennifer Coulson. Jennifer has resigned from the VFPO and is now part of the FarmFolk/CityFolk Board of Directors/Stewardship Team. She is contributing her knowledge and skills towards the larger picture of food security. FarmFolk CityFolk took on the work of the VFPO - starting with the Downtown Eastside Community Food Mapping Project (Summer 2002) and has now passed it over to the new Vancouver Food Policy Council.

The Potluck Cafe

The Potluck Café Project is a new initiative of Save Our Living Environment (SOLE) in co-operation with the Portland Hotel Society (PHS), A Loving Spoonful (ALS), Central City Mission Foundation (CCMF), and FarmFolk CityFolk Society (FFCF). SOLE is a non-profit urban environmental group that works to improve the physical, social and economic environment of Vancouver’s inner city through the development of self-sustaining enterprises that employ local labour and resources. The Potluck Café has introduced affordable, home-style dining in the designated café space on the main floor of the new Portland Hotel. The project will demonstrate how nutrition can be a vital link in the transformation of community life.

BC SPCA Farm Animal Welfare Program

Together with a coalition of agencies including FarmFolk CityFolk and the University of British Columbia Animal Welfare Department, the BC SPCA has created a set of standards to allow producers who invest extra time and money in humane production methods to identify their products with an "SPCA Certified" sticker.