Policy Recommendations

In 2002, the first year of the project, Growing Green consulted with over 65 voluntary sector organizations regarding their key agriculture and food concerns. From this we identified over 50 areas for policy action from which we selected 8 top priorities. Selection criteria were (1) request for attention from the voluntary sector (2) existing momentum on the issue in both the voluntary and the public sectors (3) a good fit between the issue and the skills of the Project Team.

In the second year of the project, Growing Green focused on the top priorities with a view to identifying key policy recommendations and making useful links to government agencies to carry these priorities forward.

The priorities fall into two groups:

Making sustainable food systems work - these priorities focus on linking all parts of food systems "from seed to plate" through a community development approach, and reach beyond agri-food policy into health and regional/municipal policy.

Making sustainable food systems pay - these priorities derive from issues on the farm and mostly address provincial agri-food policy.

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