Voluntary Sector Tools

Voluntary Sector Tools

Pursuing its goal of strengthening the capacity of voluntary sector organizations to contribute to agri-food policy development, Growing Green consulted with almost 40 voluntary sector organizations.

The project set aside budget resources to facilitate policy
dialogues at the request of specific voluntary sector partners:

Growing Green also hired a member of its Reference
Group with extensive experience in the voluntary sector to
recommend tools and resources the project could produce that
would be of particular use to voluntary sector organizations
that want to work with government on policy matters. These

  1. An information roundup on how to contact and work with
    local government. This was offered in seminar form at the
    March 12, 2004 wrap-up event.
  2. A manual on "next level" practices, tools and
    resources for community-based food councils, drawing on
    experiences in Vancouver and Victoria and other jurisdictions
    (see Community-based food councils).
  3. A seminar on how to enhance policy input, to capture and
    share successful voluntary sector efforts to influence policy
  4. A "mind map" of sustainable food systems: a
    visual description of how the pieces of food systems fit
    together can help people make more sense of the many connections.
    Growing Green helped collect some materials and begin
    work on a sample for the Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands

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