Foodprint 101

How is YOUR Foodprint determined?  The environmental impact, or Foodprint, of YOUR food, includes the amount of land required to sustain your diet, the amount of carbon dioxide produced, if you choose organic, and if you choose local.  The more knowledgeable you are the more money you can save and you’ll help the environment!   

By reducing the amount of food you throw away you can still eat well, save more money, put less waste into landfills and help the planet!

Here's the short course on how:


The planet is only so big. Wasting food means more has to be produced than is actually needed. Food production uses valuable resources including water, energy, and land. The unsustainable expansion of farmland into natural habitat threatens over 80% of all endangered birds and mammals. By eating the food we buy we can help reverse these trends.


The value of food produced in Canada that we throw away at home is a staggering $13.8 billion each year, that’s $35 each month for each and every one of us or $140 each month for a family of four!  That’s $1680 per year!

Check out our tips to help save your money:

Shopping Tips

Learn how changing your shopping habits can help save you money. Shopping Tips explains Best Before dates, and shows how the quantity and selection of what we buy and the frequency of our food purchases can help reduce food waste.

Kitchen Tips

Enjoy more of the food you buy. Kitchen Tips shares easy cooking tips for leftovers.

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Food waste is an easy fix if we are conscious of what we’re buying and how we use it!  Have leftovers?  Make soups or casseroles, host a left-over dinner party, make croutons from dried bread or freeze foods for later.  Easy, right? 


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