Community Supported Apiary

Honey Shares for Sale

Blessed Bee Farm is a new business following the Community Supported Apiculture or CSA model. This is a partnership of mutual commitment in the future of honeybees between the beekeeper and the apiary’s community of supporters. A share supports the apiary throughout the growing season and in return shareholders receive a healthy supply of honey and hive products.

To participate please sign up today!

Share prices

Drone $30.00
A minimum of 1 kilo of organic unpasteurized honey plus a 250 ml jar of pollen and honey blend.

Worker Bee $50.00
A minimum of 1 kilo of organic unpasteurized honey plus a 250 ml jar of pollen and honey blend. Also an exclusive a tour of the apiary and an introduction to harvesting honey.

Queen Bee $400
All the surplus honey from one hive. Included is a personal visit to the hive to see how the bees are doing.

Other Hive Products
Please enquire about propolis, wax and fresh pollen sales.

All shareholders will get an e-newsletter updating them on the progress of the bees. The newsletter will share honey recipes, bee facts and figures and activities for children and adults.

Bee Hosts Needed
Do you have a large yard that is crying out for bees? Do you want to learn more about bees and beekeeping? Host up to four hives and learn from a Certified Bee Master the art of beekeeping. Please contact Blessed Bee for more information.

Our Mission
We provide the highest standard of organic bee management to produce a honey unrivalled in flavour and quality. We keep bees ethically to sustain this vital and threatened animal for the future. Our goal is to integrate bees into the urban environment, to engage and educate the public in bee conservation and beekeeping. Our honey is chemical and GE free, unpasteurized and pure, direct from the bees to you. We only harvest the surplus leaving the bees what they need to flourish.

Phone Brian at 778-554-6421 or email