Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Application of Science and Technology is a global network concerned about conditions hampering impartial, comprehensive, interdisciplinary evaluations of the safety of new applications of science and technology. Their current focus is on genetically engineered foods.

Information on Genetic-Engineering Technology

Here you will find an archive of articles on genetic engineering

Genetic Engineering and its Dangers

A collection of essays exploring some of the scientific and ethical issues in the genetic engineering debate. Includes a list of books on the topic and a links page.

Or try the Natural Law Party's Genetic Engineering Webpages

Union of Concerned Scientists

This organization's webpage offers information on genetic engineering and sustainable vs. industrial agriculture among other topics of interest.

Canadian Biotechnology Advisory Committee

The CBAC is an independent expert advisory committee established by the federal government and provides advice on ethical, social, regulatory, economic, scientific, environmental and health aspects of biotechnology.

Council for Responsible Genetics

An American nonprofit organization concerned with all aspects of biotechnology, including food safety. Lists of publications, weblinks, their mission statement and positions on various issues are included, with a fair amount focused on legal and human rights implications.