Fresh Choice Kitchens - The Community Kitchen Program

This website provides information about community kitchens in Vancouver, plus many tips and guidelines for anyone who would like to start their own community kitchen. Links page too!


Everything you need to know about tea can be found through the website of this local company.

The Ram's Horn

is a monthly journal of food system analysis published by Brewster and Cathleen Kneen (see A Baseline For Food Policy in British Columbia). Includes highlights from the current issue.

Check out the Vancouver CommunityNet (formerly our FreeNet). The internet and its related networks are elitist by nature: one must have access, training, and equipment. The VCN is part of a movement to minimize these barriers. Modem dial-up is (604) 257-8778, or telnet to, or visit their website at


Alternatives is one of the largest free online libraries for social change. It's a big (2 gigs) pool of helpful information, most of it in text form (not in HTML markup) - ready to take away for your own research/education/arguments. Like the VCN, you don't need fancy equipment or lots of money to use Alternatives.

Web Networks

This is a large network of progressive folk working on all sorts of issues. Strongly recommended.

Simon Fraser Public Interest Group

A local group focused on raising a wide variety of progressive issues, with links to other PIRGs around the continent.

Contact Center Network

For connecting with international non-profit organizations. Their extensive lists of links will help you find many kinds of groups, listed by region and interest, and their resource listing service, Idealist, will help you identify resources available and actions you can take.

Other good non-profit sites are the
Institute for Global Communications directory.
and the Envirolink Library's list of organizations.

Community Economic Development Centre

Find out what Community Economic Development is and how it can help integrate economic, social and environmental solutions.

Environmental Organization Webdirectory

A fairly global directory of links to a wide variety of environmental research sources and groups. A good place to start weaving your own web.

British Columbia Environmental Network

Created by BC's environmental community, the BCEN links 250 non-profit environmental groups in British Columbia working together to protect and sustain our waterways, air, forests and biological diversity.