Food Organizations

Canadian Organic Growers

The Ottawa Chapter of COG has their own Feast of Fields. For 2006 it's happening on September 24. Check out webpage for details.

Small Scale Food Processors Association

Linking Growers and Small Entrepreneurs to Each Other, and Buyers and Suppliers, for Useful Networking and Profit

Urban Food Network

The Urban Food Network meets once per month and maintains a healthy, informative listserve for networking purposes. Anyone working in the Lower Mainland's food community is welcomed to join by emailing

Certified Organic Associations of British Columbia (COABC)

The Certified Organic Associations of British Columbia (COABC) is the Administrator of the Organic Regulations under the BC Agri-Food Choice and Quality Act. They serve as the voice of organic agriculture in BC and provide outreach services e.g. the Organic Advisory Service dedicated to encouraging organic production.

FoodShare Metro Toronto

- Foodshare is a food security organization that works on food issues "from field to table" - it focuses on the entire system that puts food on our tables: from the growing, processing and distribution of food to its purchasing, cooking and consumption.

The BioDemocracy Campaign

The BioDemocracy Campaign/Organic Consumers Association is a public interest organization dedicated to building a healthy, safe, and sustainable system of food production and consumption. Their website contains many articles as well as an electronic newsletter.

Real Milk

Promoting sources of raw milk, etc.

Canadian Health Food Association

is a non-profit federally chartered trade association whose members include retailers, wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers in a variety of industry sub sectors such as supplements, vitamins, herbals, homeopathics, sports and nutrition supplements, packaged foods and organic foods. The CHFA is committed to protecting and furthering the interests of the Canadian health products industry.

BC Salmon Marketing Council

An information resource for the BC wild salmon industry. Facts, news, recipes, salmon links (!?) and more. A good introduction to the food service industry in Canada can be found at FoodService World. They are also the host for Cuisine Canada's website. Cuisine Canada is comprised of members from Canada's food service industry, and we assisted them in their Northern Bounty II conference in Nov. '96.

MSU's Food Security Links Page

Links to dozens of governmental agencies, NGOs, development banks and research centres concerned with food security.


The British Library for Development Studies' list of Food Security Resources.

Center for Science in the Public Interest

A "nonprofit education and advocacy organization that focuses on improving the safety and nutritional quality of our food supply..."

Institute For Agriculture & Trade Policy

If you are concerned about NAFTA, GATT, or any other trade arrangements involving the U.S., this is an excellent source of information. Loads of information on biodiversity, food security, global economics, biotechnology, and policy.

Food and Nutrition in Local Government

A good primer on involvement in local food system issues.

WWW Certified Organic Food

A good online resource for those who want to keep up on the organic food industry, or are just seeking a few answers.

Campaign for Food Safety

Formerly the Pure Food Campaign, this website features discussions on many food issues, a links page and information on where to find pure food.

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

An enormous and global website with information on FAO activities and interests. An essential site for keeping track of international food security manoevering and politics.