Organic Advocates

is a non-profit organization that is committed to raising awareness and support for organic agriculture, environmental responsibility and healthy living through promotion of educational, research and advocacy programs.

La Leche League International

is an international organization offering breastfeeding support and education. Their website features many pages of information for mothers, health care professionals or simply for those curious about the benefits of breast feeding.


INFACT is a national grassroots corporate watchdog organization. Founded in 1977, INFACT is best known for its successful Nestle and GE Boycott Campaigns, and its Academy Award winning documentary Deadly Deception.

Healthlink's Codex Page

Information on proposed bans of certain medicinal herbs, and the HPBs interpretation of the issue.

EarthSave Canada

EarthSave promotes environmentally responsible, healthy, and ethical eating, focussing on reducing our consumption of animal products.

Agroecosystem Health Project

From the University of Guelph, this project seeks to evaluate and improve the health of agroecosystems. The web site offers papers on the subject, some models and a network of links to other organizations.

Real Alternatives Information Network

A Vancouver-based organization concerned primarily with globalization, RAIN offers courses and workshops on a variety of different topics.