Slow Food

Slow Food is an international response to the effect fast food has on our society and life. It questions the validity of the fast food philosophy as an unconscious credo that erodes our culinary heritage in the guise of efficiency. Includes the organization's magazine online, articles on biotechnology and links.

Local Food UK

"The UK's primary internet resource for local issues" focuses on the use of inappropriate technologies and the destruction of local communities nationally and internationally.

World Wildlife Fund

See this organization's website for their extensive list of links and, in particular, their new "Pesticide Reduction is Possible!" feature: just click on the ladybug near the top of the page.

The Future is Organic

This web page is associated with Tolstoy Farm, an ongoing experiment in sustainable, decentralized rural living . It features information on food related issues, farmers markets and community supported agriculture in the Washington area.

Global Eco-Village Network

An organization devoted to fostering sustainable community living. The page includes a brief history, news, and information specific to most parts of the world.