Sustainable Agriculture

Garden City Lands Coalition

This English/Chinese bilingual site advocates keeping the Garden City Lands, 136 acres of prime farmland in the City Centre of Richmond, B.C., in the Agricultural Land Reserve for food purposes. It suggests extensive community gardens, urban agriculture education, and CSA farms.

The New Farm

Farmer-to-farmer know-how from the Rodale Institute
This web-site reaches a global community of food producers to exchange valuable “farmer-to-farmer know-how.” presents compelling success stories with expert resources for crop and livestock production, direct marketing, local food systems, policy campaigns and community-building collaborations.

The Land Conservancy

Usually known as TLC, The Land Conservancy is a non-profit, charitable Land Trust working throughout British Columbia. TLC protects important habitat for plants, animals and natural communities as well as properties with historical, cultural, scientific, scenic or compatible recreational value. Working to protect farmland, the TLC has 2 programs: Conservation Partners Program and Conservation and Working Ranches.

Organic Friends of the Future

They are involved with advocacy, fundraising, and awareness around the current legal battles facing organic farmers in British Columbia. Their goals are:
a) to defend the rights of organic farmers to produce
b) to promote organics

City Farmer

is a local non-profit society that promotes urban food production and environmental conservation. This large website has information on all sorts of topics like worm composting, composting toilets, waterwise gardens etc.

Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy

Their Food and Agriculture Program promotes policies that enhance sustainable food security and the right to food.

Biodynamic Association of America

The Association's homepage, featuring introductory information on biodynamics and a links page.

Organic Gardening Discussion List
To join this group, send the message "sub OGL your name" to but beware, this is a very active group and you'll have plenty of mail to deal with (though much of it informative).

Organic Farming Research Foundation

A website devoted to disseminating information on organic farming practices, including links page, survey results, FAQs and history.

Sustainable Farming Connection

An interactive website started by two former editors of The New Farm magazine "where farmers and others forging more sustainable food systems can find and share valuable information", including reports on production and marketing innovations, commentary by rural writers, action alerts, and a forum.

Organics Perspectives Newsletter

Here you will find back issues of this monthly newsletter which contain reports on organics from around the world gleaned from U.S. attache reports, trips made by organics staff, and other sources. The newsletter also covers items of interest about the U.S. national organic program and the U.S. organic industry and a list of upcoming conferences, trade shows and other events.

Cyber Farm

Produced by the Ohio State University, this site offers all sorts of links and information on various small, part-time and sustainable agriculture topics.

Ecological Agriculture Projects

An enormous collection of sustainable agriculture documents and information services. A well considered online resource.

Permaculture Resources

I thoroughly recommend you learn something about this new and ancient system for designing sustainable living environments. This site is a vast repository of links and information.
Or try
You might want to subscribe to the unmoderated permaculture listserv, It is hosted by Josh Knauer and his colleagues at Envirolink.You can go get instructions on how to subscribe at U.N.C.

Attra Permaculture Website

A good introduction to permaculture, including a list of permaculture resources.

Permaculture the Earth

An interactive site that allows you to post questions and answers, or view previous discussions, in various topic-organized forums. Includes links, articles and definitions pages.