Seed Grower Resources

Seed Manuals

FarmFolk CityFolk has helped to publish two manuals for the beginning seed grower. Small-scale Organic Seed Production by Patrick Steiner and How to Grow a Seed Collective: A Community Template for Seed Saving by Robin Wheeler. Both are available for download. Print copies can be ordered from our office for $10.

Carrot Seed Research Report

As part of a four year project, four experienced seed growers experiemented with growing carrots for seed in different isolation structures in different climatic regions. This report summarizes the first year of our research.

Seed Saving Data Sheets

Accurate and detailed data collection is essential in seed production to ensure pure, healthy seed. Robin Wheeler created some basic seed saving data sheets for this purpose.

Seed Works Video Series

The Seed Works Series includes a number of short videos designed to provide the beginning seed grower with concrete instruction on how to grow plants for seed, recognize when seed is ready to harvest, and how to harvest and clean seed for storage and distribution. The series received generous funding from Vancity.