BC Seeds Gathering 2012

Proceedings of the first
BC Seeds Gathering

November 9-11, 2012

Kwantlen University
Richmond Campus
8771 Lansdowne Road, Richmond, BC

A provincial gathering of seed growers, community leaders,
and farmers from across BC.

Featured Speakers

  • Don Tipping – Siskiyou Seeds and the Family Farmers Seed Cooperative
  • Susan Walsh, USC Canada – The Bauta Initiative, National Seed Program
  • Micaela Colley, Executive Director – Organic Seed Alliance (OSA)
  • Dan Jason – Salt Spring Seed Sanctuary
  • Patrick Steiner – Stellar Seeds
  • Mojave Kaplan – Planting Seeds Project

… and other small-scale seed growers, community leaders, seed networks and young urban farmers from across BC.

Mojave Kaplan and Maritn Faucher bought seeds to clean and trade, and held sessions testing a variety of cleaning equipment, learning and sharing experiences.


Proceedings Available on video

We are working to complete the post production on the extensive amount of video footage we gathered. Materials will be posted as they become available.

  • Friday, November 9
    • Panel Discussion; Setting the Context, Bridging the Gap. Heather Pritchard, Moderator. Provincial Perspective; Patrick Steiner, Stellar Seeds. National/International Perspective; Susan Walsh, USC Canada